Couple’s Consultation

Being in a commited relationship with someone can be oen of the most satifying and meaningful experiences in life.  It can also be one of the most challenging.  Couple’s consultation is a helpful way to devleop the resources individually and as a couple to meet the challeges and develop a safe, fulfiling, meaningful and productive relationship. One where true love can grow.

My approach: 

I use a systems oriented approach where blame and fault finding are eliminated and where the problems in the relationship are not because the people involved are bad or wrong.  Instead the problems arise because of the kind of relationship that has been created by both partners.  Changing the kind of relationship you have will change what happens in the relationship.  

The specifics: 

Two key aspects of any relationship are how do the partners in the relationship communicate and how do they handle the differences that come up.  Since human beings do not generally like differences, we tend to argue and fight when they arise.  What if we could clearly identify, explore and integrate the important information and energy contained in differences resulting in a resiliant, strong and creative relationship?  This is the goal of this work.

What to expect:

  • You will learn and practice a simple communication practice designed to help increase effective communication. 
  • You will identify and explore the differences you have using the commuication practice with me, as the consultant, providing coaching as is needed.
  • You will learn how to make important decisions together without compromising  your values--to create new norms (ways of doing things) that then transform your relationship.
  • You will get help to clarify the values you share that create the foundation of your relationship.
  • You will be invited to explore four key aras of your relationship:  Business, Parenting, Intimacy, and  InterPersonal 
  • You will identify behaviors  you do in your relationship that support its development and the behaviors you do that get in the way of its development.


My fee for couples work is 1000 Dkr per hour with a two hour minium. © LivingConsciously 2012-2018