About David

I have training in Neuro-Affective Psychotherapy, Systems-Centered Therapy, Somatic Experiencing Trauma Resolution and Attunement energy healing.  

I began with a deep sense of interest in how people can live and work together for the common good.  Following this interest unlocked a deep spiritual insight that made my life more specific and meaningful.  I lived in spiritual community for much of my adult life, training and practicing my innate talent for Attunement energetic healing which included a basic understanding that the psychological and emotional development of human beings is deeply influenced by an inherent spiritual core and that being in harmony with that core is the key to fulfillment, wellbeing and, if needed, healing.

Upon moving to Denmark in 1999, I built on my energetic healing skills completing Somatic Experiencing trauma resolution training in 2006 as a Somatic Experiencing Practioner, then Systems-Centered training—which I started in 2007. I am now on the final stages of the licensing training track. In 2012, I completed the Neuro-affective Psychotherapy training developed by my wife, Marianne Bentzen, and her colleague Susan Hart, refining my skills developed through my work with clients using the other approaches.  

All these approaches have serveral things in common:  they recognize that there is a deep wisdom built into the body, mind and emotions and, when accessed, can show the way to health and wellbeing; all are based in how the nervous system develops and functions; and all respect the natural, emerging process of development and healing that is unique to each individual resulting in a specific  developmental and/or therapeutic journey.

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