The First Session

The first session allows us to meet each other, share your goals for our work and ask any questions you or I might have of one another. We will also do some initial exploratory work so  you can experience the approach and how we work together including the quality of our working relationship.  (In various research studies, it has been shown that the quality of the relationship between practitioner and client is actually more important for a sucessful outcome than the approach used.)  Toward the end of the session we will reflect on it together with the goal of  determining if we want to continue working together.  If so, we can make an appointment for one or more sessions and determine how long (1-1,5 hours)  and how frequently the sesssions should be (each week, or every two to three weeks).

The first session is usually 1.5 hours.

The hourly rate is 750 DKr per hour for individual consultation.  This can be paid in cash after the session, by MobilePay or through a bank transfer.  You will receive both an invoice and a receipt by email. © LivingConsciously 2012-2018