Attunement means "to bring into harmony”.  In the context of my practice, Attunement refers to bringing our Human outer part, which includes the body, mind and heart, into harmony with our inner Being part that holds a deeper sense of purpose and life energy from which comes healing and our creativity.  

It is the energy from Being that animates the Human. Without Being, the Human dies rather quickly. When the Human is in attunement with Being, there is the experience of life and meaning.  

There are degrees of attunement. Every person alive is in attunement to some extent with Being--or they would be dead!  However, this attunement can be disturbed causing problems of various sorts including illness, emotional dis-ease, mental confusion, lack of sense of meaning, etc. 

The picture below shows the endocrine glands in the human being.  

The seven primary endocrine glands include the...






Pancreas (Islets of Langerhans)

Gonads:  Testicles in men; Ovaries in women

Physiologically the endocrine glands control the body chemistry or chemical balance of the body through the production of hormones.  The endocrine glands are sensitive to the quality of emotional expression. The hormonal secretions reflect the emotion being expressed and whether the emotional expression is based in reaction or response to what is happening. The body chemistry reflects the emotional state which then establishes the foundation for either health or disease--and everything in between!

There is an energy field that surrounds the body created by what we think, emotionally express and do.  When the field is full, complete and of a high quality, the body can relax and function easily.  When the field is disturbed, incomplete, e.g. has holes in it or if it is of a low quality; the body becomes stressed and tense which can result in a variety of ill conditions. © LivingConsciously 2012-2018