Individual Consultation

For individual consultation, I use a variety of approaches depending on what is needed by the client.  I have training in Neuro-Affective Psychotherapy, Somatic Experiencing Trauma Resolution, Systems-Centered Therapy, and Attunement energetic healing.  

My work can be therapeutic or to further personal development.  Therapeutic work refers to repairing damage done to the heart, mind and personality while in an unhealthy context such as a dysfuntional family, work, social or religious context.  Personal Development work relates to exploring and practicing what is needed to more fully develop as a human being in today’s world. 

While there may be similarities between people and what they are working with, each person is unique.  My goal is to accept each person as they are and where they are in their development. The next goal is to create a safe and creative relationship in which to explore any issue.

People come for a variety of reasons including to…

Explore and Resolve...

  • the effects of a traumatic event such as car or bicycle accidents, sexual assaults, war experiences, etc.
  • developmental issues such as the effect of bullying, repeated criticism, beatings, etc.
  • something that is unresolved or hurtful about their past
  • internal conflicts
  • work issues
  • relationship conflicts
  • next step to take in their life direction

Develop greater ability in…

  • integrating thinking and feeling
  • learning clear communication skills
  • exploring and living in the present moment (sounds simple, but it takes practice!)
  • relationship skills 
  • identifying and expressing emotion 

Come into deeper harmony with one's core nature or being

  • identifying the nature of any inner conflict
  • sensing one’s deepest sense of direction
  • how to move ahead in harmony with one's core nature
  • activating curiosity as the first step of the courage it takes to be oneself

What can I expect on my first visit?

The main purpose of the first visit is to identify why the person wants to see me:  Why are you here?  What is your goal for consultation?  What do you want to work on?  These questions become a benchmark for measuring whether our work  is on track or not.  

Another goal is to meet each other and see how well we work together.  A primary factor in the success of the consultation is the quality of the relationship between the consultant and the client.  After identifying your goal for the work, we will start to explore so you can have an experience of the approach. Toward the end of the first visit we will reflect on the session and determine if the approach is good for you, if we work well together and if you want to continue.  If so, we can set up the next appointment or a series of appointments. © LivingConsciously 2012-2018